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The road less travelled

Here we finally meet. RSS Productions has brought together the vision of forward thinking people to respond to challenging issues of our times, from war and famine to the plight of refugees. We seek not only to explore the deepest of emotions and desires these challenges bring but also to present workable solutions and to stimulate debate. 


The story Equivalence was inspired by the plight of refugees and follows the story of two brothers who are forced to fend for themselves after their mother is deported until an altercation with a junkie results in life changing consequences. We are honoured to have been nominated for seven awards for this short film. 


King's Vicegerent follows the story of Marshall De Gamaros who is similarly solution driven irrespective of the cost. This television series is coming soon and the newly released novel is available from the shop. 10% of net proceeds from the sale of the novel are donated to the work of the Organisation for Conflict Management and Reconstruction in an effort to find workable solutions to global conflict and develop the law post-conflict. For more information please visit 

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