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the film


New Television Series coming soon based on highly acclaimed novel.

Marshall De Gamaros has finally reached the pinnacle of his political career as Secretary General of the Organisation of Sovereign States. This is his chance to finally realise the implementation of his conflict management model.


He has to convince a super-majority of nine member states to agree to the model. What cost is he willing to bear to achieve his career-long ambition?


Oil and arms scandals, controversy, sabotage, murder, manipulation and desire for control test Marshall’s conscience whilst the burden of his self-inflicted torment as God’s instrument on earth slowly unravels until tragedy finally strikes.

The facts


Take a peek at the teaser for Season One

The mission


The broader message 

King's Vicegerent seeks to advance, through a fictional story, a credible conflict management model underpinned by international law principles which would have the effect of preserving state sovereignty whilst contending with non-state armed groups. It is relevant in the context of Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Palestine to name a few examples. The model lays the foundation on which the law post conflict can be established and it would lessen the adverse impact  which conflict has on internally displaced people and refugees. 

10% of net proceeds from the sale of the novel which is available from the Shop are donated to the work of the Organisation for Conflict Management and Reconstruction in an effort to find workable solutions to global conflict and develop the law post-conflict. For more information please visit  

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